Farm Direct Coconuts

A Wholesale Bulk Virgin Coconut Oil, Flour, Desiccated, Water & More Supplier

We provide large volumes of consistent, quality, certified coconut products at wholesale prices through vertically integrated channels.

We have our own processing plant and source from other suppliers to meet clients needs. We can also build plants for large partnerships for products.

Products we offer:

We offer both USDA/NOP certified organic and conventional versions of most products. Certificates:

2017 FDC USDA Organic Certificate

2017 FDC USDA Organic Product List

2017 FDC Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Kosher Certificate

2017 FDC Organic Coconut Flour & Desiccated Coconut Kosher Certificate

What we do not currently offer:

  • Retail packages
  • Private labels

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