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The Difference Between Desiccated Coconut Flour and Regular Coconut Flour

Have you been shopping for “coconut flour” and receiving different samples and prices in the market? You are not alone. There is a discrepancy in products, names and prices for “coconut flour”. I am writing this post because a few of our partners were having problems with this.  My goal is to you help clarify the difference and understand what you are asking/purchasing for.

The two main differences are Desiccated Coconut Flour and Regular Coconut Flour. The key distinguishing point is where the product comes from the coconut and what part of the process.

Desiccated Coconut Flour 

Desiccated coconut flour comes from grinding, drying and pulverizing the coconut meat. This version of coconut flour, desiccated retains a level of the coconut oil in the meat.

Regular Coconut Flour

Regular coconut flour comes from the coconut meat after it has been pressed for virgin coconut oil. After the meat has had the oil removed, it is then ground, dried and pulverized. Regular coconut flour has a significantly lower level of residual oil content than desiccated coconut flour.

There is the main difference.

A simple solution when vetting and comparing suppliers and their products is ask for a process guide or where the product is coming out in the process.

Hope this helps is understanding coconut products, vetting and using them.