Farm Direct Coconuts

Pricing & Contract

Our standard FOB Eugene Oregon pricing is available here online.

If you: need pallets delivered USA, have regular orders, are willing to sign a contract, need a full container load, are requesting a verified price match or have any other reason to get special pricing we need the following information to formulate pricing and a contract:

Product Packaging Inco Terms


Order Volume or MOQ Order Frequency   Payment Terms Target Price
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 190kg drums; 920kg totes; 4/pallet; 80/20’ FCL
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Grade B 190kg drums; 4/pallet; 80/20’ FCL
Organic Coconut Flour 10kg sacks; 72/pallet; 1,440/20’ FCL
Organic Coconut Flour Grade B 30kg sacks; 28/pallet; 560/20’ FCL
Organic Desiccated Medium 15kg sacks; 56/pallet; 1,120/20’FCL or 25lb kraft; 40/pallet; 40,000lbs/40′
  • Inco Term Options: FOB Manila, CNF Port Worldwide, FOB Eugene Oregon, Delivered in USA.
  • Order Volume Options: Full Container Loads – Manila, CNF Port or Delivered USA. Pallets or single units – FOB Eugene Oregon or Delivered USA.
  • Frequency Options: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually
  • Payment Term Options: 100/0, 30/70, 50/50, 70/30, 0/100 Advanced/Inco Terms Respectively; Net 30.

The options selected for each variable chosen significantly affects the final price.

We have customers ranging from multiple contracted containers per month cash in advanced FOB Manila to single units delivered USA with terms. Prices vary drastically along this spectrum.

Please provide this information when contacting us or submitting a partnership inquiry.

*If net terms are being setup, additional information will be requested.