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Bulk 1,000L Aseptic Single Strength Young Coconut Water


Our single strength young coconut water is made from fresh green coconuts that are freshly cracked and have a smell of a fresh natural sweet coconut water. The young coconut water is collected, filtered, pre pasteurized, filtered and sterilized and then aseptically packed for 12 month stability.

We have two types with SO2 and without SO2. The residual SO2 is <10PPM to fall below FDA labeling requirements. It is only added during processing to prevent the oxidation and pinking of the young coconut water. The SO2 free processing may cause the young coconut water to pinken slightly over time. It is a trade-off and we offer both depending on your needs.

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Weight 2205 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 48 x 40 in