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Bulk Animal Feed – Copra Meal

Our copra meal comes from the pressed coconut meat. It is sourced from islands in the Philippines.

Copra meal is commonly used as a core ingredient or substitute in animal feeds. Copra feed is eaten by:

  • Horses / Equine
  • Cattle
  • Pigs
  • Other animal livestock

The main benefits of copra feed are:

  • high protein content – 18%+
  • high fiber content – 40%+
  • coconut oil residue – essential fat, minerals, and vitamins
  • economical prices

We provide both USDA organic and conventional copra feed in the following packages:

  • 30kg / 66lb bags – Buy Now
  • 840kg / 1,848lbs pallets – 28 bags – Buy Now
  • 20′ container – 16,800kgs / 36,960lbs – 20 pallets

We do not offer retail packaging.


17 08 08 FDC Organic Coconut Flour B Certificate of Analysis

If you: need pallets delivered USA, have regular orders, are willing to sign a contract, need a full container load, are requesting a verified price match or have any other reason to get special pricing inquire here.