Farm Direct Coconuts

Bulk Coconut Water

We have five types of coconut water available:

  • Aseptic single strength – 1,000 liter totes
    • Mature coconut water – Buy Here
    • Young coconut water with SO2 (Finished product <10PPM) – Buy Here
    • Young coconut water without SO2 (May turn slightly pink over time) – Buy Here
  • Conventional coconut water concentrate powder – 20kg bags
  • Frozen coconut water concentrate – 256kg drums – 15:1 ratio

Here are specification sheets for each:

1,000 Liter Single Strength Aseptic Coconut Water Packaging

If you: need pallets deliveredĀ USA, have regular orders, are willing to sign a contract, need a full container load, are requesting a verified price match or have any other reason to get special pricingĀ inquire here.